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Stamped://: Long time no update. My day in pictures

I get home from the U.S. History Regents and the backyard gang was on!

Then I got extremely bored for being home alone for 4 hours.... so I took alot of pictures.

Only cool kids wear sunglasses inside.

You betta recognize

Then I went back up to the school.

Ashley Doesn't Like Pictures, Oh no she doesnt.

Our Half-Finished Robot.

Our Half-Finished robot with the electronics board equipt.

Our electronics board.

And can't forget our not-exactly-to-scale Tetra.

Our Advisor and mentor are just so silly.

Ramsey gets cleaning

Uh-oh.. he looks stressed.

Those snow flakes intrigued me.

Mr. Dash doesn't like pictures either!

"I dont know where to put this thing."

"You know what... just give it to me."

Even Josh Gets EMO sometimes...

The desks in the Robotics room are just fun.

I got to see my breastest friend. Aren't we so cuuuuuute?

He makes me smile :)

Back home.... My lovely wall of Saras Quest Posters (From health class)

Hah hope you enjoyed!
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